Facebook gets the Verified Badge

Posted on May 29 2013 - 10:16pm by BJ Francis


Today social network giant Facebook rolled out a feature called the verified badge.  This feature is commonly used by the company’s number one competitor, Twitter and also Google+.  How the verified badge works, is anyone that is a celebrity, journalist, government official, popular brand or business gets the verified check.  Letting users know that account is an official account.  However; there is no way to request the badge.  Facebook will pick the people who they deem worthy.  Another way to get the badge is also by your presence and the amount of followers you may carry.  Other than that, there isn’t a clarified way as to how someone does qualify for the badge.

The badges will start to appear in search results and on the pages themselves.  They will also start to appear on other areas throughout the site.

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